Frequently asked questions

How to get started with the NoBosso Kick Start Program?
  1. Register on our website here.
  2. Log in to ‘My Nobosso’ (user profile) and go to the ‘Academy’ section.
  3. Complete the entry test. Depending on your trading knowledge, it can take you between 15 minutes and an hour.
  4. Click ‘Subscribe’ and complete the payment.
  5. Receive your account credentials within 24 hours.
How to get started with the NoBosso Evaluation Mode Program?
  1. Pay the evaluation fee (it’s a one-time payment)
  2. Pass the One Month Trading Challenge
  3. Get your trading account and start making money. As simple as that!
When can I start trading once I submit my payment?
  • With the Kick Start Program, you can start trading whenever you want
  • With the Evaluation Mode Program, you can begin trading within 15 working days after your payment is completed successfully.
When will I receive my trading account?
  • With the Kick Start Program, you will receive your account credentials within 24 hours after successfully passing the test and paying the subscription fee.
  • With the Evaluation Mode Program, you will receive your trading account credentials 24 hours after completing the One Month Trading Challenge.
When can I expect my payout?
In both programs, there is no time restriction. You receive the payout whenever you hit the 10% target, and there are no rules breached.
What do I need to do to receive my profit split/payout?
To initiate the payment, you need to send us an invoice or notify us via email after hitting the 10% target. Currently, our primary payout method is PayPal, and soon we will add additional options including wire transfer.
When will I receive the payout in my bank account?
After receiving a payout request from your side, we will carefully revise your positions, and will process it within 48 hours if there are no rules breached. PayPal is our current payout methodis. Soon we will add more options, including wire transfer.
What info do you need to process the payout?
If you want to receive the payout via PayPal, we will need your PayPal address.
What is the scaling plan?
Our scaling plan is simple - after hitting the 10% target two consecutive times, but not less than three months, we will double your account up to $160,000. After that, we will add $80,000 every time you hit the target two times in a row, and this scaling plan applies to both programs.
Is there a limit to the amount I can trade?
Yes, we have set up a limit of $1.2 million. After reaching this amount, we can negotiate a further deal.
What will happen if I don’t trade for one entire month?
If you don’t trade for an entire month, we consider you are not interested in the account, we will close it, and you will have to pass the entry procedure again. We invest in active participation, so please make sure you have time to trade before enrolling in the program and can open at least one trade throughout the month. After all, we want our money to work as hard as possible.
Why is there a target of 10% before I can withdraw my profits?
We avoid transfers of small payouts such as $5 or $10, as the charging fee makes them meaningless. In addition, we believe that a trader should have an incentive,a goal to strive for in order to be remunerated.
Do you allow EA trading?
No, Expert Advisors are not allowed at this stage.
Didn’t you say it’s real money? Why do I still trade demo?
A Nobosso Account is a fully simulated account with actual market quotes from liquidity providers. We copy the trades at our discretion using aggregated orders thanks to our proprietary risk management algorithm, and this solution is much easier administratively.
What happens if I cancel my subscription in the middle of the month?
If you cancel your subscription at any time, your account will be disabled and your results will not count.
When in the Evaluation process, what will happen If I have one position with less than 40 pips target – let’s say 20 pips?
We will just count this trade as neither negative nor positive. So let’s say you have 39 trades and this is your 40th trade, you will need one more to fulfil the criteria of full 40 trades.
Can I trade gold and silver while I am in the Evaluation phase?
Yes, you can.
What is the maximum lot size I can trade?
The max lot size of the initial $2,500 trading amount is 0.05 per trade. The max lot size will increase proportionally with every level you pass. So, when you start trading with a $5,000 account, the max lot size will be 0.1 lots. This applies for all programs.
How many positions can I open?
There are no maximum positions you can open through the whole Evaluation phase month or in the Kick Start Program.
Can I also open multiple positions for one pair?
In the Evaluation phase, you cannot open multiple positions in one and the same pair at the same time.
What are the news trading restrictions?
When you see the news from the list below, you should clear your book/close all your positions 5 min before the news and should open new positions at least 5 min after the news. Here is the list with the news that applies to all the major countries – USA, UK, Euro zone, Australia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Interest rate announcement
  • GDP
  • CPI/Inflation data
  • Unemployment data
You can see all the important news in our partner’s economic calendar here:
If I have a position in EUR/GBP and the news is only for the US dollar do I still need to close all my positions?
Yes, you should still clear the book/positions as specified above. One can never predict how the coming volatility will spread throughout the markets and risk control should always be the number one thing to control in the professional trading world.
What will happen if my account is in profit or I hit the target, but I have breached one or more of the program’s rules?
Unfortunately, if even one rule is breached, the account will be suspended and no profits will be split. In the case of the Evaluation program, you will need to start the process again. In case of the Kick Start Program/Subscription plan you will need to pay the subscription again.