Evaluation Mode Program

In most prop firms, you will find that the minimum evaluation time is at least three months. As it can be challenging to assess the right time window to recognise a profitable trader correctly, we decided to shorten the evaluation period to one month and change the usual evaluation process metrics.

In that case, we will not lose our mutual time and money and will not make traders waste their talent in two additional months of demo trading. Instead, we want them to gain real-life experience as soon as possible and start making real money after the very first month with us.

After you successfully pass the evaluation period, we will double your account when you hit the 10% target two consecutive times, but not earlier than three months.



In an ‘Evaluation Mode’ program, you start with a balance of $2,500


We will double it until you hit the $160,000 mark


After reaching the $160 000 mark, we add $80,000 every time you hit the target again

Phase 1: Evaluation

Parameters for the 1-month evaluation period


Month evaluation


trading days


Minimum trades
(open and closed)


success rate


Minimum Risk to
reward ratio

40 pips

Maximum stop loss


Stop loss orders for each and every position

No trading

Over the weekend


News trading


News trading allowed

Advice regarding placing stop-loss and take-profit orders:
Do not forget to consider the spread when placing the abovementioned orders!

Phase 2: Real Trading

Risk Management Rules After Evaluation

What happens if one or more rules are violated:

Unfortunately, if a violation is detected on your account, it will be suspended, and you will not qualify for any future payouts. However, you can reset your account, but there is no discount for this specific program.

The reset will provide you with a new account and credentials within 48 hours maximum.

You start with an account of $2,500

Max volume per position/symbol – 0.05

Max leverage 1:33

Hit the 10% target and split the profit

Overnight positions are allowed

Intraweek positions: All positions must be closed before the end of Friday’s trading session or before 6 pm GMT.

If a drawdown of 10% ($250) occurs in the account, we have the right to terminate the contract, and the trader is not liable for losses. The trader can trade major and minor cross pairs but is not allowed to trade any exotics, commodities or indices at this stage.

If a maximum daily drawdown of 5% ($125) occurs in the account, we have the right to terminate the contract, and the trader is not liable for losses.


Register to Nobosso


Pay the $50
evaluation fee


Get your

You will receive your evaluation trading account credentials by e-mail within 24 hours after the payment.

Profit Sharing

The trader receives 70% of all profits; Nobosso gets 30% of all profits.

The trader is compensated on a profit-split basis only and keeps 70% of the profits once (and only when) he hits the 10% target

Fees & Conditions

$50 enrolment fee

Go for the
Evaluation Mode Program