Kick Start Program

This program is developed to literally kickstart your trading career as fast as possible.

Here, you have the needed room for trial and error while simultaneously enjoying a considerable growth potential. With Kick Start, you have the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. We split the profit every time you hit the target and give you room for error with a 10% DD. Your account will be upgraded to the next program level of $5,000 when you hit the target two times in a row – but not earlier than four months.


starting balance

monthly fee

10% target, no
time restriction

10% maximum

daily DD

Do you like simple math?

Here is the
simple math right now:

To turn a $2,500 account into a $20,000 one (only if you make 10% per month, and this can be hard to achieve every month) you will need approximately two years. And this is only if there are no withdrawals along the way.

And this is
the math with us:

We test and fund traders with a relatively small account for a minimal fee covering platform and administrative expenses. We are also willing to cover the drawdown to find talented traders who will then make hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in profit with us.

Management Rules

What happens if one or more rules are violated:

Unfortunately, if a violation has been detected on you r account, it will be suspended and not qualify for future payouts. However, you can reset your account, but there is no discount for this specific program.

The reset will provide you with a new account and credentials within 48 hours maximum.

You start with an account of $2,500

Max volume per position/symbol – 0.05

Max leverage 1:10

Overnight positions are allowed

Intraweek positions: All positions must be closed before the end of Friday’s trading session or before 6 pm GMT.

The trader is NOT allowed to trade major events, including NFP, interest rate decisions, central bank speeches etc. All exposure must be cleared 5 minutes before the events and new positions can be opened 5 minutes after.

If a drawdown of 10% ($250) occurs in the account, we have the right to terminate the contract, and the trader is not liable for losses. The trader can trade major and minor cross pairs but is not allowed to trade any exotics, commodities or indices at this stage.

If a maximum daily drawdown of 5% ($125) occurs in the account, we have the right to terminate the contract, and the trader is not liable for losses.


Register at Nobosso


Fill up the questionnaire

It consists of 5 questions that help us get to know you and make sure you have the basic knowledge and the right mindset.


Pay the $25 monthly fee

After successfully passing the questionnaire, you should transfer the $25 entry fee.


Get your credentials

You will receive your trading account credentials by e-mail within 24 after the payment.

Profit Sharing

The trader receives 50% of all profits; Nobosso also gets 50%.

The trader is compensated on a profit-split basis only and keeps 50% of the profits once (and only when) he hits his 10% target.

Fees & Conditions

$25 monthly fee

Go with the
Kick Start Program